9 Healthy Hair Tips for Damaged Hair at Home

There is no need to toss money on hair regimen; healthy hair could be achieved with home made recipes also. Bottom-line is hair needs protein as it is made up of a protein called keratin. Protein is prone to damage and rupture therefore the hair needs special attention. Presenting you some healthy hair tips to help your scalp:

1. Avocado mask

Remove the pit of avocado and mash it. Now beat it with one egg. Dampen your hair and pour the liquid on hair. Massage gently and let sit for 20 minutes. You are sure to get glossy hair because of the essential nutrients supply accomplished by the vitamins and minerals in it. This property of avocado aids restoring and locking the shine of hair. If your hair is severely damaged then try it once every week.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is miraculous for hair and skin. Add one part of it to two parts of lukewarm water, the logic behind is to balance out the pH level of scalp and remove the debris. Apple Cider Vinegar also bleaches the hair and can be used as natural colorant. Wash the hair with mixture but before rinsing it let it remain in hair for few minutes. The smell is kind of pungent but don’t worry it fades away with time as the hair progresses on drying.

3. Egg White

Egg white is a rich source of sulphur that is the active ingredient of protein. It feeds the protein deprived hair and is particularly important for hair health. Shell out the egg and collect egg white. Beat vigorously until smooth and lump less. Apply in the wet hair with the help of brush. Alternatively you can mix an egg to your shampoo and apply to hair. Work up the leather for five minutes and then rinse properly cold water.

4. Condensed milk

We are grown up reading and listening that any deficiency of mineral and vitamin in body could be replenish with milk, same applies to hair also. Use condensed milk in your hair. Dilute it with water and wash the hair after shampooing.

5. Home-made mayonnaise conditioner

Wet the hair and cover them with mayonnaise coating. Sit for an hour and do your routine work. It will not drip as it is not thin or runny. After an hour wash it out. You’ll be stunned by the beauty of your hair and will fall in love with the shine.

6. Omega-3 – Fatty Acid

Mix evening primrose oil to three capsules of borage oil (250-milligram each) and massage the hair with this oil. If evening primrose oil is not available then flaxseed oil could also be used to stimulate hair strands. That should not sound strange because we know that omega fatty acid is instrumental for overall hair health and before mentioned oils have omega-3 fatty acids as the main constituent that impart the luster and linolenic acid in this locks the moisture.

7. Oil Elixir

Essential oils like jojoba oil, lavender oil, sweet almond oils are magical potion to hair. The best part is that they are easily available at general stores, medical stores or online stores. Try to experiment with coconut oil for thick and heavy hair. Before you in real put them in your scalp, dampen your hair slightest and cover it thoroughly with the oil. Wear a shower cap and retain the moisture by not letting it evaporated. Hot towel your scalp after one hour and shampoo like usual.

8. Lavender Power

Dilute your shampoo with water and add few drops of lavender oil and set on narrating a story of majestic transformation of your ordinary shampoo. Rinse and see the results and you would be astonished to see what you had but not known for number of years.

9. Important Tips

Use same brand Shampoo and Conditioner: If you shampoo your hair frequently then conditioner after every shampooing is critically required. You must have read the instruction on the shampoo bottle, use the same brand conditioner for subtle results; it makes sense because both the shampoo and conditioner has same formulation and will not counteract the effect infact will go hands on hands.

Protection from heat and wind is critical: When you go out in sunny day or in extremely cold windy weather then don’t forget to cover your scalp and hair along. The heat will dehydrate your hair and give you tangled and messy hair and windy as name denotes will make you hair windy, so impossible to manage. Cover your hair with either Hat or scarf.

Also do not expose your hair frequently to blow dry styles or straightening regimes. They will again strip out the moisture and make the hair brittle. Split ends can often be seen.

I hope you like these healthy hair tips for damaged hair at home ! So, Don’t forget to share it with your love ones, friends, family and relatives.

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